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The Full Story

About Me

I want you to fully understand who you are working with when you decide to partner with Tranzitions. I am an open book! Here is my story to you.


My story

My name is Anthony Roth and I started in 2015 with writing and producing music. Over the next 6 years I wrote music for other artists and built a business selling songs to artists and producing music for other artists. I went to Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA in 2021 and started a certificate in Music Business and Marketing. After a few months I realized that was no longer what I wanted to do and I ended up leaving school and trying to find something else to pursue.


I knew I wanted to work for myself and build a business in something but after leaving school I had no idea what I was going to do. Eventually I looked into videography and ended up buying a camera and some lenses and got started.


I went door to door to businesses in my town offering free shoots to business to build my portfolio and get some projects behind me to begin my videography business. To my surprise a lot of businesses were interested in letting me, some random kid with a camera, come in and film their business and what they do. I found I loved it and it didn't matter if I was up till 3 am editing a video, I was enjoying every last minute of it no matter the hours!


That leads us to where we are now with finally moving out of the free shoots phase and starting to offer contracts and individual shoot options for businesses all over Michigan! This is my dream to help businesses and their marketing teams and I hope I can do the same for you!

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